Room Accessories

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Letter Plaque CG040

Letter Plaque

A peg plaque with your child`s initial. Or�spell out a child`s complete name. The number of pegs depends on the letter.
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Wall Plaque CG041

Wall Plaque

Perfect for hanging clothes, hats, towels and more! This 4 peg wall plaque is available in white or natural wood. Measures
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Heart Mirror CG042

Heart Mirror

This heart mirror with 3 pegs adds a special touch to any girl`s room. Hang jackets, hats and more from the pegs. Measures
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Baseball Bat Plaque CG043

Baseball Bat Plaque

No boy`s room is complete without this baseball bat shaped 3 peg plaque. Available in white and natural wood. Measures 27
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Clothes Tree CG045

Clothes Tree

Hang the clothes out the night before and let your little one get dressed the next morning. The stool base even provides a
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Classic Bookends CG046

Classic Bookends

Keep the books tidy with this classic set of bookends. A perfect gift for the little reader! Available in white and natural
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Heart Bookends CG047

Heart Bookends

These sturdy wooden heart bookends complete the d�cor of any girls room. Perfect for a dresser, desk or nightstand!
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Picture Frame Bookends CG048

Picture Frame Bookends

Combine two great gifts in one product These wooden bookends come complete with a 4 "x6 " picture frame on each side.
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Train Bookends CG049

Train Bookends

These bookends will not only keep the books in your child`s room in orderthey also double as a decorative accent! These
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Musical Jewelry Box CG050

Musical Jewelry Box

A girl`s room is not complete without this timeless piece. Complete with 3 drawers and a door, this musical jewelry box
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Wall Clock CG051

Wall Clock

Tell time with this beautiful wall clock. This quiet wooden clock comes complete with a second hand. Select pink or blue
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Shelf Clock CG052

Shelf Clock

A beautiful addition to a child`s room! This rectangular shelf clock is made of wood and is available in white only.
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Corkboard CG053


Ideal for pictures and first art projects! This corkboard has space for personalization as well! Available in white and
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Locker CG054


This metal locker is perfect for a bedroom or playroom. Great for storing some small toys, books or stuffed animals!
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Plush Room Sign CG108

Plush Room Sign

These plush room signs will delight all ballplayers and ballerinas! The fully dressed teddy bears hang, from satin ribbons,
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