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Mat Puzzle PF013

Mat Puzzle

Set of 6 cushiony and colorful pieces. Each piece has an individual puzzle plus you can interlock all of the pieces to
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Magnetic Drawing Board PF018

Magnetic Drawing Board

Watch the colorful pictures appear before your eyes! Each portable screen comes with an attached pen and eraser. Great for
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Suction Ball Catch Game PF027

Suction Ball Catch Game

Your child will love playing catch with these 7 " plastic paddles and 2 1/2 " suction cup ball! Play by yourself
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Basketball Hoop PF035

Basketball Hoop

Score with this favor! The basketball set comes complete with a 8 "x9" backboard, 4" hoop, rubber
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Click `n Catch PF039

Click `n Catch

Entertainment for hours! Each game comes with a 10 1/2 " plastic basket and ball. Assorted colors provided with your
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Lite-Up Spinning Disk PF048

Lite-Up Spinning Disk

These spin and light up! A 6 " wheel with multi-colored lights and a 14 1/2 " launcher. Batteries included.
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Spinning Lites PF049

Spinning Lites

Just like at the circus or carnival! This 7 1/2 " plactic lite-up spinning wand contains red, yellow, green and blue
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Race Car PF053

Race Car

A Formula 1 race car for your child to call his own! These 8 1/2 " plastic cars are propelled forward by pulling the
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Water Squirter PF068

Water Squirter

Perfect for the pool, beach or bath! With a pumping action, watch the water squirt a distance of approximately 30 feet. Fun
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Small Baseball Bat with Ball PF070

Small Baseball Bat with Ball

Score many runs with this plastic baseball bat with ball favor. The "fat" bat is the perfect size for a lil'
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Golf Set PF072

Golf Set

Fore! Score big with this favor´┐Ż An all plastic golf set which includes a carry case with zipper and shoulder strap, 3
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Rocket Launcher PF074

Rocket Launcher

Blast off! Watch the foam rocket fly with a simple pump action. This all foam and plastic toy measures 19."

Sport Ball Backpack PF075

Sport Ball Backpack

Any sports superstar will love this clear vinyl backpack filled with a soft soccer ball, soft football and soft basketball.
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Pirate Chest PF076

Pirate Chest

You found a treasure! Complete with trasure chest, eye patch, plastic hook, pirate bounce ball and pirate tatoos, this favor
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Pirate Playset PF077

Pirate Playset

The vinyl carry pouch contains a pirate and accessories for imaginative play. Perfect for a pirate-themed
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